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5 Zendesk Integrations to Enhance Your Customer Service

Zendesk is one of the most popular customer service help desk solutions out there - and rightfully so. It comes with a myriad of useful products and features for all support channels, so it’s easy to consolidate all customer-facing interactions on this single platform.

However, the awesomeness doesn’t stop there. If you’ve ever stepped into the Zendesk Marketplace, you know that there’s (seven) hundred and one integrations that help you boost the efficiency and quality of your customer service.

Here’s a curated list of the top five Zendesk integrations that all ambitious support teams should try out (if you haven’t already).


If you want to know what your customers think about your support interactions, add Nicereply’s CSAT, NPS, and Customer Effort Score widget to your Zendesk account. These are the three most popular customer feedback metrics that all quality-oriented teams should track.

Nicereply lets you customize both the content and appearance of the questionnaires according to your needs. You’ll also be able to build triggers and distribution schemes to feed your survey response rates.

The coolest part: Nicereply comes with an all-in-one dashboard that allows your team to keep an eye on the quality metrics inside Zendesk. Never miss a drop in CSAT, NPS, or CES again.

Tymeshift Workforce Management

Tymeshift is an omnichannel workforce management tool that gives insight into what customer service teams are doing with their time. For example, you’ll get a clear overview of how long it takes to handle tickets across different support channels, which is essential for planning your team’s work.

Tymeshift also allows you to create schedules for your team. You can go into as much detail as you need, including setting up lunchtimes, breaks, and other activities to make sure all support channels are covered at all times.

The wow-factor: Tymeshift’s forecasting feature predicts the number of support tickets you’ll receive in the future and calculates the number of agents you will need to handle the load. The busiest times of the year suddenly no longer feel stressful. Thanks, Tymeshift!

RescueAssist Remote Support (GoToAssist)

RescueAssist (GoToAssist) Remote Support offers screen-sharing inside Zendesk tickets. Many customer service teams love the opportunity to jump right into the product and show customers how to solve the issues they are experiencing. It’s a fast and efficient means for helping your users.

Screen-sharing is also a great opportunity for doing demos. So, not only will your support team love this integration, other customer-facing teams like customer success managers might find it useful too.

Also noteworthy: the Integrated Remote Support feature lets you access and control customers’ devices during online support sessions. This allows support teams to really get to the heart of customers’ issues and solve them on the spot.


FullStory lets you watch replays of your customers' sessions to get a crystal-clear understanding of what they’re struggling with. See what happened before, during, and after the user approached your customer service.

In addition to seeing the problems your customers are facing first-hand, you’ll see what they’ve already done to fix these issues on their own. This way agents don’t have to waste time (and the customers’ patience) on giving the same advice that the user has already tried out.

What’s more: You can easily copy and paste the replay link and share it with your developers. Those using JIRA for bug-tracking will benefit the most out of FullStory, as they get to create new tickets for dev teams in just a few clicks.


Klaus is a conversation review tool that makes it easy to give feedback to your agents. This integration pulls all tickets from Zendesk to Klaus, where you can evaluate your agents’ responses based on the scorecard that reflects your company’s internal quality standards.

You can also bring your Zendesk users over to Klaus and assign them agent or reviewer rights - the latter works great with peer reviews. You’ll also love the possibility to create random samples for review and to build custom filters for finding specific tickets.

Bonus: Use Klaus Training Wheels in your onboarding programs. This integration allows you to review all new agents’ replies before they are sent out. Keep calm and let newcomers dive into real-life support cases. You’ll be in control of the quality of your customer service.

Take a tour at the Zendesk marketplace - you will be surprised by the variety of apps available there. If you’re looking for ways to boost efficiency and quality in your customer service, check out Klaus and the rest of the five integrations we’ve listed for you.

What are your favorite picks from the Zendesk market? Share them with the community in comments below.

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