Training Wheels Guide

Training Wheels is an app by Klaus for onboarding new support agents. The app allows you to …

  • Group agents according to their role as “reviewer” and “trainee”
  • Have the trainee agents submit answers for review before it is sent
  • Reviewers to receive notifications of new drafts submitted for review
  • Reviewers to approve/disapprove drafts and give feedback
  • Send approved answers to customers on behalf of the agent
  • Track stats on approval ratings per agent

Training Wheels saves the hassle and time wasted on a fully manual approval process and ensures your customers get the right answers.

Happy onboarding! Read more about Training Wheels in our Support Guide.

Installation instructions

  1. Create two new (or designate existing) groups on Zendesk

    • One for the new agents you’d like to onboard (“Trainees”)
    • Another one for the managers/agents (“Reviewers”) who would be checking the drafted messages and approving them for sending out
  2. Install the Training Wheels app from the Zendesk marketplace

  3. Select the designated “Trainees’” and “Reviewers” groups in the Training Wheels app

  • Read more about the app in our Support Guide
  • Read more about how to create and manage Zendesk groups here.

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